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I live in Stockholm, Sweden with my husband and little boy. My nomadic background has left me with several places around the world that feel like "mine" and no set hometown. I've traveled to many places but lived in Iraq, Egypt, Jordan, France and Sweden.

What's my day job? I'm an entrepreneur that works mostly in communications/PR and in management consulting.

Addicted to design, current affairs and popculture I spend a lot of my time reading newspapers & magazines, reading blogs & websites, watching TV and roaming social media.

Raised as a big city girl, I dream of a house in the country where kids, pets and friends roam in and out of the house. But I get most of my planting and decorating done in the city.


Cooking & baking, wellness & health, movies, tv, social media, fashion, interior design, photography, traveling, books & magazines, gardening, weekends in the countryside and of course my family.